Monday, November 5, 2007

Best Friends

Lindsay and Brianna
have been best friends
since they were in

Lindsay and Mrs. Meek

Lindsay is in Kindergarten.
Her teacher is Mrs. Meek.
Alisha had her too. Lindsay is
doing great and she loves her
teacher and the kids in her class


We had a busy, yet fun Halloween. This year we had two parties at the school and a parade. We also had a trunk or treat at the church. We had fun trick or treating with Grandma and Grandpa Grant and Joe. Sharman, Zoey and Gabe. The kids love the thought of going door to door to get candy. Luckily for us, they are picky and don't like most of the candy they collect!!


  1. Alisha is turning 8 on Nov. 6th. She was Hannah Montana for Halloween (Her Hannah Wig looks pretty real,huh?) She wouldn't sing for her candy, imagine that! She had to explain who she was to just about every older couple she met. Unforunately chili attacked her Hannah pants, so she was not in full costume when she went trick or treating. The kids love dressing up every year. We had a Witch, Woody, Jesse and A Lady Bug.