Sunday, February 15, 2009

Lindsay's New Haircut

Lindsay is Beautiful. I love her big green eyes. Linds has a love for life and has the desire to be good and do things right. She is very thorough in what she does , especially at school. She has surprised us with how well she reads and how good she is at Math (my least favorite subject). Lindsay is pretty cautious and thinks through things before she does them. She is very honest and had dubbed herself the law enforcer of the family. She likes to be in everyone's business. I love Lindsay, but I am probably hardest on her. She thinks differently than I do and she really tries my patience sometimes. She is pretty accident and spill prone. I hope she grows out of that. She has a beautiful smile and she has her dad's moon eyes when she laughs. She looks the most like Jason than the other kids. She is so sweet and takes the time to hug me everyday.

Emily- The Drama Queen

Emily is our drama queen and no one could dethrone her. I think she will forever bear the throne. I love her to death, but she can drive me crazy sometimes. She's loud and bossy and can throw a tantrum at a moments notice and can turn it off just as fast. She loves to dress up. She absolutely LOVES having her picture taken!! She is our little Sharpay. She loves clothes, shoes and she loves to sing, especially the song "Fabulous" from High School Musical 2. She loves to entertain all of us. She has a very infectious laugh and can get all of us laughing within seconds. She is a joy to have around. She is like a ray of sunshine.

Stacy Lynn - Little Blue Eyes

Stacy is my baby. We all LOVE Stacy. She makes us laugh so much and brings so much joy into our home. She has been talking a lot. She has learned the word Cookie and says it probably 30 times in one hour. I think everything is a cookie now. She used to say Cheese for everything she wanted. She learned Chocolate this week. She loves sweets. We are gonna have to keep an eye on her. She loves milk and asks for it anytime she wants a drink "Malk" "Malk" "Peese." Thank goodness she uses her manners! It has been so fun watching her grow!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Snow cone anyone?

Lindsay and some of the neighbor girls discovered how tasty fresh fallen snow is. They made their very own ice snow cones. Oh how would it be! She made it look almost irresistible. Unfortunately I know where it came from and what it has gone through to get here! But, I enjoyed Lindsay's face that radiated with pure and genuine excitement for the new found treat! Hey, at least it is sugar free!!

Can I just have some Privacy??

Climbing into her special fort

Climbing out

I found Stacy under the table pigging out on Cheezits. She had made a little fort around the table with the chairs and was determined to be in there by herself. No one was allowed to enter. It was funny watching her climb in and out. She is stubborn and very independent. When she has her mind set on something, there is no stopping her. She is a joy to have around, but is limited in the love she shares. I think she wishes she was an only child. She wants me all to herself. She's gonna have to get over that, she's number 5 in line!!