Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Emily's Bribe
The other night Emily was pleading with me to do something for her. I was busy and told her it would be "a minute." Her patience wore thin, she was dying to have the markers and wanted me to get them for her. I was busily getting dinner ready and did not want markers on the table anyway. All of a sudden a light went off in her little head and she said, "Please mommy, I'll give you $.25 cents if you get it for me." How could I resist a monetary bribe and those big green eyes?


I Don’t Like You But I Do!

Tyler is a funny boy. He is the only one of my children who ever claims to dislike me and like me in the same sentence. “I don’t like mommy, because I do like her and she is a beautiful (Beeuwaful) mommy.” Huh?? He likes to reject me and then accept me back into his life the next minute. I feel sorry for the girls he dates when he’s a teenager! He does say I am beautiful everyday, and that is more than Jason does. He is a sweetheart most of the time. He’s got gorgeous eyes and long beautiful eye lashes. I’m sure he’ll break a couple hearts in his day!

Alisha and Lindsay

I Love You To Death
Lindsay is our hugger. She loves to show her affection for you by wrapping her hands around you in a death grip. Stacy starts screaming the second Lindsay touches her and looks around desperately for someone to rescue her. We all love Lindsay, but we do want her to be more gentle.

Stacy Girl

The Pterodactyl
Stacy has been fun to have in our family. We all adore her. She has chubby cheeks and the cutest little dimple (which I special ordered). Her eyes are a beautiful ocean blue. She loves to laugh and cry. When she was born and for the first 8 months of her life, she sounded like a Pterodactyl. It was awful. It is the cry that makes you want to pull your hair out! Luckily she has grown out of it!

Crazy Girl

This is actually one of her better shots. She likes to do her bulldog face which is not cute. She thinks it is funny. She gets a kick out of herself.

Tyler Man

Tyler and Emily love having me take pictures. They love to see the images that show up on the screen of the Digital Camera.

Lindsay's Party

Lindsay turned 6. She wanted a Halloween party since her birthday is a couple days before Halloween. This picture was taken after six girls went home. I forgot the group picture while everyone was there. She had a lot of fun.

Alisha's Birthday Party

Alisha had a great time at her party. She turned eight this year. They played games, they did the Limbo, ate hamburgers and hot dogs, and sang on the Karoake. It was fun to see the quiet girls get up and perform infront of the group. My Emily tries to steal the show. She is a diva!

Alisha's Birthday Cake

We had a fun time making the cake. She helped me position the polly's on the beach.