Monday, August 24, 2009

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Pictures in the flowers

She looks so worried, but she was just looking up at her sister who has holding a flower in her hands.



Thursday, August 13, 2009

Back to School- Open House

Alisha and Lindsay both had the teacher Emily's has this year. We love her, she's great!

I designed the shirts for the reading program at the Elementary school. I loved the way they turned out. The theme this year is Reading Rocks!

My Glamour Girl

Stacy LOVES makeup, especially lipstick! She has ruined several of my lipsticks, even a few of my expensive ones. Not sure why she is so fascinated, but she loves puckering up and gliding the lipstick across her lips. It's not good enough to just do one coat either, she has to pack it on! If she would just keep it on her lips I wouldn't have a problem with it, but unfortunately it has turned into body paint a couple of times and my purse has been a victim as well. I have 4 girls and this is the first time I have had to deal with this. Hopefully Stacy will grow out of this phase soon! Today Stacy got into Alisha's lip gloss and managed to get it all over her leg, her hands and her lips. I'm not sure how it gets so out of control. That girl is pretty good at making messes!
This picture cracks me up! Stacy had gotten into the lipstick I use for the girls when they do recitals and she was applying it when I yelled out "Stacy!" She was doing an ok job until I said that. I watched it happen. As soon as I said her name, she was startled and her hand went up her face with the lipstick . We all laughed at her. The kids thought she looked like a clown! Twice in one day!! Note to self - PUT ALL LIPSTICK UP REALLY HIGH!

A Call from Aiden

Tyler's BEST FRIEND called from California and Tyler was so excited to talk to him. Tyler is not great with phone etiquette and doesn't really listen to what the other person is saying and usually holds the phone the wrong way. He started off talking normal and then he started saying random thoughts and making weird noises. I'm not sure what Aiden thought, but Tyler was just happy just to have him on the phone with him. He asks me every week when we are going to go visit him. The darn USA seems so huge sometimes! California seems so far away! One day we hope to get out to see the Shiley's.

Crazy Girl!

Emily is a character! She has so many funny faces and always makes us laugh.

But this is downright SCARY!!!

Friday, August 7, 2009

The Pool

We went to My In-Laws pool today and when we got there, the band from West High School was there. There were teen-agers everywhere! I actually should have taken a picture of the pool with all the teen agers, but we were chillin' eating snow cones and popcorn (one of the bonus's of showing up during a pool party.) The kids had a lot of fun. The teen- agers left about 30 min.'s after we got there and then it was just us in the huge pool. It was nice. Tyler was so enthralled in his popcorn he didn't even enter the pool until we had been there for an hour. Finally, he came in the pool, but he put his popcorn bag by the pool ladder and would periodically get out and eat a couple handfuls. I think he had four bags of popcorn! He is a funny guy and apparently LOVES popcorn.

Pet Turtle

So this morning before Jason and I headed off to apply lettering at a school, he came across this little turtle in our yard. We decided to let the kids have him for a pet, at least for the day. We will take him somewhere tomorrow hopefully. It's funny to watch him move around and stick out his neck. Alisha researched online what Turtles eat. When we came home, they had put a paper plate, some fruit, lettuce and other things he might like. I don't know why, but I'm not really a pet lover. I don't really like cleaning up poop. Everything has to poop and I don't have time on top of Everything else I have to do - feeding and cleaning up after a little creature. Sorry, maybe when the kids are grown I may have a change of heart. As for now, grasshoppers, rollie pollies, and fireflies are the only "pets" they are allowed to have. They must stay outside! Tyler is so cute, he tries to keep grasshoppers in bowls and jars and they usually die. I try to explain to him that they like their environment and they would much rather stay in the grass rather than suffocate in a jar. He has chilled out a little and has gone two days without catching them. He loves to be outside and enjoys nature. Sweaty dirty boy smell, you gotta love it!!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

The obituary for Jana's son- his funeral is today

(Cooper is Stephanie and Steve's Nephew)

Cooper Hamblin Kofford (a.k.a. “Coop”) was born October 4, 2004 and returned to heavenly surroundings on July 31, 2009. Quinn Macdonald Kofford and Jana Lynn Worsley Kofford (Orem, Utah. Married 23 years) are blessed to have been Cooper’s earthly dad and mom. Cooper is the fifth of six children. He is one of four boys and two girls. Cooper loved his sisters and brothers. He loved climbing into bed and snuggling with his sister, Hunter (13), and loved “playing house” with Kennedy (9). His oldest brother, Carson (12) taught Cooper about baseball. Duncan (7) loved playing legos and swimming with Coop. Lincoln (2) was Coops wrestling mate, car seat buddy, and “partner-in-crime.”

As his earthly family we are amazed at the depth of our love and respect for Cooper and his impact on our family. We will miss him very much. We have been and will continue to be enveloped by overwhelming feelings of love and gratitude. We are at peace—including an absolute blameless recollection of the circumstances surrounding Cooper’s last day on this earth. As a family, we have felt the love and support of our extended families, neighbors, friends and the community-at-large, and express our thanks. We have been blessed with clarity of mind and peace of heart and soul which stems from our faith in and knowledge of our Heavenly Father’s plan for all mankind and of Cooper’s progression in that plan . . . and its eternal significance for our little family.

We are certainly biased toward our son and brother and cannot say enough positive about him or his influence on everyone who knew him or came in contact with him. He was always on the go. At home, he was most comfortable outside . . .usually barefoot and in shorts (or a swimsuit)—sometimes even in the winter. He had soft, sun-bleached-blond hair that framed his perfect face and little body and accentuated his amazing deep blue eyes. His two huge dimples (one in each cheek), tan complexion, perfect annunciation of every word and syllable, and his sweet voice (combined with his unique twang) are part of what made him Cooper. He loved to giggle and to make others giggle with him. He loved swimming, riding his bike (training wheels triumphantly removed in May), going to Navajo Lake and Kanab, Utah, and eating otter pops like they were going out of style. He loved taking his brothers for self-made adventures into “Randy’s field” or to Betty Jo’s “bumpy road.” He loved chewing gum—which usually only further accentuated his perfect little teeth, ear to ear smile and deep Hamblin dimples. He loved to snow ski, going “faster” in the water tube at Lake Powell, and sleeping wherever and whenever he chose.

He loved all of his friends, cousins, aunts and uncles and would interact and immediately engage anyone. He also loved both sets of grandparents (Cree-L and Ila Jean Kofford of Bountiful, Utah, and Steven and Cheryl Worsley of Provo, Utah) and the horses, kisses, Christmas treats and unconditional love they showered on him. We will miss such things as hearing him yell-back “I Love You” as he ran off to play. We will also miss kissing his soft puckered lips, his refusal to eat anything healthy, and his causing havoc in church. We will miss holding his hands (even though the rest of him wouldn’t hold still), riding bikes to go get snow cone treats, and just playing and laughing together. If you knew Cooper, you experienced a bit of heaven on earth. As parents and as his family, we are grateful to have been blessed with Cooper. Because of our convictions toward Jesus Christ, we absolutely know—with no doubt whatsoever--that we will be reunited with him someday.