Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Concert

Natalie and I took Lindsay and Brianna to the MIley Cyrus Concert for their Birthdays. They didn't really like her brother's group Metro Station that opened for her. They were just about wanting to leave, but luckily Miley came out and the girls loved singing and dancing to the songs they knew. Their favorite was "Party in the USA." Miley does put on a good show. Her shorts were way short, but we warned the girls about that. It's too bad that pop stars go that route. She did some fun stuff like fly through the air and she also flew around on a motorcycle over the crowd singing "I Love Rock 'N Roll." The girls had a great time, we are glad we got to go.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Lindsay's Birthday

Today is LINDSAY'S BIRTHDAY. She turned 8 today! We aren't really having a birthday party for her since she and her best friend are going to the Miley Cyrus Concert tomorrow night. I just decied to have some treats and decorate the house a little for when she got off the bus. She was so excited. She is getting baptized on Nov. 29th with her best friend Brianna, who turns 8 on that day. It should be a neat experience for the two of them.

The kids at Jump 4 Fun

Playgroup was at Jump 4 Fun today. Tyler and Stacy had so much fun! The boys all liked going down the slide together even though it was against the rules. Boys will be Boys!

Horizons Paper and Project

She did her report on the F-15E Strike Eagle because Jason is a Software Engineer and that is the plane he writes software for. It was a fun project, but took a lot of hours, more hours than we really wanted to spend, but I think in the end it was all worth it. Alisha's plane has been the talk of the school. Everyone loves it. GOOD JOB Jason and Ali (and MOMMY)!! It's fun doing projects together.

Lowe's Saturday Crafts

My kids LOVE the Sat. crafts at Lowes. It is their fun thing to do with their dad. This past Sat., they just had time to get the crafts and bring them home. It was a Magic Frankenstein Box. The kids had fun putting the stickers on the box and apparently other places and people as well...

The School Halloween Parties

The school does a parade around the outside of the school and some of the local shops. It is fun to see the different costumes. There were some real creative ones this year. Some parents put a lot of time into the costumes this year. Every one loved the Rubik's Cube. I thought the Redbox and Snack Machine were neat. That is real candy in there! The girls had fun at their parties. Emily just about drove me insane with her wig. She was Hannah Montana (although her personality is closer to Sharpay Evans from HS Musical.) The wig itched her so much that she could not give me one smile and half of the pictures I took have her itching her head. I think she is going to have to pick something else to be for Halloween!! By the time she went through the parade, her wig was falling off. She pulled that thing off and shoved it in her bag when she got back to the classroom. My in-laws watched the kids for me so that I could go. I am so glad I got to go and travel back and forth between the classrooms by myself. Emily was Hannah Montana, Lindsay was a 50's girl (she called it an 80's girl) and Alisha was Little Red Riding Hood (except I forgot her basket, oops!)

Carson and Tyler

What do you do when your friend drives Emily's pretty pink Barbie Jeep into big bush?

You get out and back it up and then you take over the wheel

With a little luck and a whole lot of concentration you can make it around the bush
Then you can have tons of fun in that cute Barbie Jeep and hope that your Dad's will never know!

Then after all the fun and draining of the battery, make your friend push you through the grass...

They were so funny to watch! They were like mini teen-agers out for a joyride
At the Elementary School, the kids have a Red Ribbon Week and they get to dress in something different each day. The first day was "Dress like a Rockstar." They wore their dance recital costumes from this year. One of the boys in Lindsay's class said she looked freaky. Boys! My girls have pretty thick skin, so they let dumb comments roll right off.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Rita's Farm

Today I took the three younger kids to Rita's Farm. It's pretty close to our house. I had never been there before. I needed some corn stalks for my fall decorations, so I decided to stop. Stepping foot on that soil and smelling the smell of fresh manure and straw brought so many memories of my Grandpa's Farm. I loved going to visit Grandma and Grandpa every summer. I never quite got used to the smell of the farm, but I loved escaping city life and enjoying the farm life for a little bit. My Grandpa was a dairy farmer. He was a hard worker and an incredible man. His farm no longer exists. There is a subdivision where it used to be. It makes me sad that my kids don't get to visit Grandpa Peck's Farm. He passed away while I was pregnant with Alisha. I am so grateful that today my little ones were able to walk through the farm and see all the animals- chickens, roosters, cats, cows, horses, ducks, dogs, etc... There seems to be very few farms left in our area. What a treasure for my kids to have a farm so close. It is a great place to take the kids for them to get a little taste of farm life.
P.S. Stacy did have a skirt on, it just wouldn't stay on, it was too big- so, she rid herself of it and ran free... (just in case you were wondering why she is sporting a diaper in some of the pictures)