Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Talent Show

Alisha and her friend Jana take dance together. They performed for the Crossroads Talent Show. They did a great job!

Emily's Graduation

All three of my girls have had Mrs. Meek for their Kindergarten year. They love her! Alisha would not give up her 3rd grade party to see her sister Graduate, so she is not in the picture. I wanted a picture of all three of them with her, but oh well! The Graduation was really cute. The kids sang three songs ending with "The future's so bright, I've gotta wear shades" It was really cute and Emily was really soaking up all the attention. She loves to perform. She definately isn't afraid to show her fun personality on the stage. I loved watching her enjoy herself up there. She's a natural! We are so proud of her making it through the EASIEST year of her schooling career. Not sure why they make a big production out of it, but it was cute!

My little graduate with the Principle Mr. B

Emily's Class

Alisha graced us with her presence for one photo opp.

Grandpa trying to help Emily keep that darn hat on her head after she took the pins out. We just wanted it on for some of the pictures! You'd think after the MANY years of people graduating, they would have come up with a better design! What is the point of a large square on your head anyway??

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Jason's B-day

Jason is 34! Which means in a couple of months I will be turning 36. Not a pleasent thought! We go out to dinner with his family for every birthday. So, we went to Outback. I had Ribs and Jason had a big tender filet. It was sooo good. I just started getting Ribs there since I tasted his mom's ribs the last time we went there. YUMMY! Finger Licken' Good. We ate and then we all went to a movie. We went to Star Treck. I'm not a "Trekkie" but I thought the movie was good. It was Jason's night, so we went to a movie he wanted to see. If it was my b-day, we would have watched a sappy love story! We had a great time and were thankful that Laura could babysit for us. Love the kids, but it's always nice to get a night away!!

Last YW Activity

I was incharge of the activity Wed. night. I just got released from YW's on Sunday. We made frames. The girls did a great job and all the frames turned out so cute. I will miss the girls. I hope they can stay unified and continue to grow strong in the gospel. They are all so wonderful and we have had a lot of fun together. They have been amazing examples for me and I loved seeing their bright smiling faces each week. We've got the best YW.

Laura got her braces OFF!! She looks so grown up.

Emily's Birthday

Thank goodness for COSTCO!!!

Mother's Day

My mom is serving a mission in Germany. This year I decided to make her a gift and send her a picture of it. She can have it when she returns home from the mission. I have an amazing mom. She is a woman of faith, a woman of courage, a woman of virtue, a woman of compassion, a woman of strenth. She has always been an amazing example to me while growing up and also since I have married and had my own family. I draw strength from her. She brightens my day anytime she calls and I hear her special, "Hello" that only she can deliver. I think there is sunshine that comes through her greeting, it instantly makes you feel better. My kids even notice it. When she leaves a message on our machine and they hear her say "Hello," it's as if they were all shot with a happy drug and a smile instantly appears on their faces. She has a gift, a special gift that only she possesses. I wish I had it. People are drawn to her, she radiates the spirit and lifts those around her. She can mend someone's broken heart, lift someone's burden, help a fallen soul, just by talking with them and letting them know what their Savior feels for them. She is and has always been a Christlike person. She has a gift that allows people to feel their Savior's love for them while being in her presence. I love my mom and am grateful for her example for me. I wish I could be even half the woman she is. Unfortunately, it is an uphill battle for me. I feel very blessed to have been raised and loved by a very special woman. I LOVE YOU MOM!

My Little Muchacha

The Wedding

When I got home from Europe, I shot a wedding at the St. Louis Temple. I didn't know the couple, but they were really nice and did an excellent job smiling and putting up with me and my friend, Holly, who I brought with me. We took tons of pictures. Jason and Jennifer were so fun to watch. They were happy and so in love.

I don't know about most moms, but for me, I don't like the gogurt pouches. For some reason, the kids have a hard time getting all the yogurt in their mouths. Sometimes some will end up on the floor, on the table, chairs, or even dripping down the side of the trash can. Occasionally, it even ends up on the kids themselves, usually in the form of a fluorescent green or pink mustache. Alisha, my cleanest child, had a run in with one of these gogurts and it ended up attacking the girl. It went everywhere! It went all over her and the floor and I'm not sure she got to actually taste any of it. It was hilarious. Alisha was a mess which is sooo not how she likes to be. I had to take pictures before I cleaned her off. Unfortunately, 10 min. later the same thing happened to Lindsay. I think I will ban my husband from buying those darn things.

Europe Trip

Ok, it has been forever since I have written. Jason and I went to Europe the first 11 days of April. We had an amazing time. My wonderful sister and nephew came to take care of the kids. It was great seeing my parents. We saw some amazing castles, went to the Temple, We tried some delicious food, saw the main attractions in Pairs. It was absoltely the best trip ever. It was nice being with Jason all by myself, with no kids. I am actually making a blog of our trip. Hopefully I will finish it soon. There are just too many photos to add here!