Sunday, February 15, 2009

Lindsay's New Haircut

Lindsay is Beautiful. I love her big green eyes. Linds has a love for life and has the desire to be good and do things right. She is very thorough in what she does , especially at school. She has surprised us with how well she reads and how good she is at Math (my least favorite subject). Lindsay is pretty cautious and thinks through things before she does them. She is very honest and had dubbed herself the law enforcer of the family. She likes to be in everyone's business. I love Lindsay, but I am probably hardest on her. She thinks differently than I do and she really tries my patience sometimes. She is pretty accident and spill prone. I hope she grows out of that. She has a beautiful smile and she has her dad's moon eyes when she laughs. She looks the most like Jason than the other kids. She is so sweet and takes the time to hug me everyday.


Amy R said...

Such beautiful kids!

Bright Eyes said...

I agree with Amy...beautiful kids. Dejah had the same haircut...I let it grow out. She is begging for me to cut it again. I need to get that done.