Sunday, November 1, 2009

A visit from LOLA

Lola is a dog that we bought a year ago. We had her for a little over a month and we had to sell her. Emily would not set foot on the ground when Lola was running around in the house. We had to keep Lola in the Laundry room a lot when Emily was home from school. It was crazy. She is basically terrified of dogs after being "attacked" by one of her friend's dog. Jason also seemed to be allergic to little Lola. So, we decided it was the best for our family for us to sell Lola. We found her a really good home, A home with 2 other dogs. Lola LOVES other dogs. She is the smallest of the three, but we hear that she rules the house! She is adorable and we all miss her, except Emliy of course. I did manage to get Emily downstairs and make her pet Lola before Joanna took her back home. We loved having Lola for a visit.

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