Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Tyler's Birthday

Tyler had his first real Birthday Party this year. He turned 5 on Jan. 6th. He invited some friends, sisters and his cousins to JUMP 4 FUN. They all had so much fun. At the beginning, the guy tells them all the rules and it may look like the children are all listening and absorbing all that he says, but their actions would prove otherwise. They slid down the STAIRS, went down head first, did NOT wait for the kids to move before they slid and plowed into them, pulled each other down the slide, etc. Other than one of the boys falling on his head climbing over the WALL of the blow up castle rather than exiting out of the door conveniently placed in the middle of the structure, there were no injuries. Boys will be Boys! There is so much energy in those little bodies, so Jump 4 Fun was the perfect place to go. I made Tyler a F-15 Eagle cake. It didn't turn out exactly how I expected it to because the frosting kept getting soft. I'm just glad I got it done. Tyler loved it! He had a fun time with everyone, I'm glad we had a party.

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