Friday, April 4, 2008

Tyler is our "Super Ty Guy". He wore this costume for Halloween when he was 10 months old and still loves wearing it at home (thank goodness he only wears it at home!!) Actually having him dressed in a tighty whitey Superman costume is better than a princess dress. He loves anything Superman or Spiderman but still claims that his favorite color is pink. This picture was taken in September 2007.

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Mitch & Amy said...

Hi Cherilyn!
It was so fun to see your comment on my blog! We truly have not seen each other in ages. Your kids are just gorgeous! Of course they would be though, they have a beautiful mama! I'd love to get together this summer when you're here. I'll be as big as a house by then, but I'm sure I'll be looking for any excuse to get out of the house :)
So fun to hear from you, stay in touch!