Thursday, May 8, 2008


I don't know what possessed me to take my children out in public, but I took four of them to JC Penney's the other day. While approaching the lingerie mannequin I hear "BIKINI! AHH!! " Lindsay, Emily, and Tyler cover their eyes and go running past. Luckily there were no customers in close proximity. We headed towards the dressing room and had to pass through the swimsuits. This time there were women actually looking at and picking out swimming suits. Without hesitation and absolutely no volume control they (all three of them!) belted out "BIKINIS, OH NO, BIKINIS!! " Lindsay added. " THEY'RE SO IMMODEST!" They screamed and carried on for a couple of minutes until I corralled them into a dressing room and pleaded with them to Zip it! I definately prefer shopping on my own!

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Bright Eyes said...

Oh that is hilarious! My girls are the same way! In Utah even when we see someone not dress to our standard of modesty they freak. I remember in Walmart there was a lady with short shorts on and a tank top that didn't cover her rolls of fat (I have my own) and they started on their tyraid! I had to stop them and explain that not everyone had our same standards. "why not?" was the answer I got back. UGH!

I wish i could have seen you over the summer.

My oldest is Lindsey too. I think it is awesome you named your little one after Stacey Temple. So sweet!