Thursday, September 25, 2008

This was a sad week for some of us in our family. We had to sell Lola, our Jack Chi. Turns out Jason and Tyler were allergic to her. So while some of us cried our eyes out, others of us, namely Emily, was doing a happy dance. She could not contain her excitement when she came home and saw that Lola was gone. She is glad that she can walk the floors without hesitation and without fear. Alisha and I took it the hardest. I have never been a "dog person", but I got attached to the little cutie.

We found her a great home with a nice lady and two other dogs. Lola loves other dogs, I think more than children, so it worked out perfectly. The lady called me to let me know that Lola loves it there and is getting along with the other dogs. I know it is the best thing for Lola, even though it was hard to give her up. I did ask the kids if they wanted
Daddy or Lola just to see what they would say. Tyler and Emily said "Daddy" , Lindsay said "BOTH" and Alisha was undecided. She's not liking the fact that her dad's allergies prevent us from having pets. It's a bitter topic for her. I told them when Stacy is in school we could maybe get another dog if we could find one that is hypo-allergenic. We will always hold a special place in our hearts for Lola, that is everyone except EMILY!

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Jessica Simonsen Howard said...

Sorry about the dog. The allergy thing is bad. We thought about one, but besides cleaning up after it I am allergic as well.