Friday, August 7, 2009

Pet Turtle

So this morning before Jason and I headed off to apply lettering at a school, he came across this little turtle in our yard. We decided to let the kids have him for a pet, at least for the day. We will take him somewhere tomorrow hopefully. It's funny to watch him move around and stick out his neck. Alisha researched online what Turtles eat. When we came home, they had put a paper plate, some fruit, lettuce and other things he might like. I don't know why, but I'm not really a pet lover. I don't really like cleaning up poop. Everything has to poop and I don't have time on top of Everything else I have to do - feeding and cleaning up after a little creature. Sorry, maybe when the kids are grown I may have a change of heart. As for now, grasshoppers, rollie pollies, and fireflies are the only "pets" they are allowed to have. They must stay outside! Tyler is so cute, he tries to keep grasshoppers in bowls and jars and they usually die. I try to explain to him that they like their environment and they would much rather stay in the grass rather than suffocate in a jar. He has chilled out a little and has gone two days without catching them. He loves to be outside and enjoys nature. Sweaty dirty boy smell, you gotta love it!!

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Jennifer said...

I grew up with pets, but I am not a big pet person myself. I have four pet children that poop and get into things they shouldn't. They make smells and leave stuff out all over. No pets for me either. Our kids consider the lizards that live in our back wall their pets. They have caught a grasshopper before and thought he could be their pet until they realized how suddenly he jumped.