Friday, August 7, 2009

The Pool

We went to My In-Laws pool today and when we got there, the band from West High School was there. There were teen-agers everywhere! I actually should have taken a picture of the pool with all the teen agers, but we were chillin' eating snow cones and popcorn (one of the bonus's of showing up during a pool party.) The kids had a lot of fun. The teen- agers left about 30 min.'s after we got there and then it was just us in the huge pool. It was nice. Tyler was so enthralled in his popcorn he didn't even enter the pool until we had been there for an hour. Finally, he came in the pool, but he put his popcorn bag by the pool ladder and would periodically get out and eat a couple handfuls. I think he had four bags of popcorn! He is a funny guy and apparently LOVES popcorn.

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