Thursday, October 9, 2008

Act of Service

When I was growing up, my mom always made my favorite homemade rolls and occasionally a Cinnamon Ring for Conference. So, I have tried to keep with tradition. This year I had the kids help me. I would prefer to do it myself just because my kitchen is not that big and more importantly, I am picky about how it should be done. I made the first ring and they helped me cut some rolls out. Then, I told Alisha that she got to make a Cinnamon flower (instead of a ring). It was beautiful and she worked so hard on it. She was so excited for it to get done so she could eat it all! When she was done I said, "Alisha, who would you like to give this to?" She looked at me with disbelief. Her mouth was watering with the thoughts of eating this beautiful work of art all by herself. Then she thought of her good friend Lexi whose sister had just gotten Pneumonia. Alisha and the other kids were so excited to give them the flower. They made cards for Lexi and Lizzie and Jason drove Alisha over to their house to deliver it. She was so happy to give it to Lexi, that she had forgotten she had wanted it all to herself. (I wish I would have taken a picture of the flower!) Alisha is a sweetheart, but she tends to be a little selfish. It was great to see her willing to do some service for someone else. Thanks for the yummy roll recipe, mom, it is and always will be our favorite!

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Sheri said...

That's funny! I do that too! I tried to do it this year but when it came time to add flour I realized that I only had whole wheat flour and it just doesn't work! The dough was so heavy, I just made it into bread loaves... but the kids ate it up!!