Sunday, October 12, 2008

Don't let the sweet face fool you! Tyler has been quite the BRUTE lately. He has discovered that he enjoys hitting people, especially helpless kids. Today I was in Sunday School and I heard a little boy screaming at the top of his lungs outside the classroom, the shrill penetrated the halls of our entire church building. It didn't sound like my child so I kept listening to the lesson. I saw a door open and one of my friends pointed to me. I was confused, I knew that was not my little boy's cry. Aw, no, but it was the effects of my little boys punch! I could not believe it! Little Ethan was sobbing because of my little bully! I was so sad. Tyler is really a sweet kid, but he sure does have his moments of craziness! Tyler was kicked out of nursery, so I let his dad handle it while I occupied our youngest little munchkin.


Jessica Simonsen Howard said...

Poor Tyler! It is a hard life for the only boy in the family. Hayden know how he feels. Buy him a punching bag to out his aggression on, it helps for Hayden.

lotsamama said...

Cute pictures thanks for all your help with my blog I'm off to a better start now. Miss you and love you guys soooo much!!!

Jennifer said...

OH NO!!! Isn't it kind of ironic that I have a house full of boys with one girl and you have a house full of girls with one boy, and it's the odd one out that's giving us grief?! Maybe he should come wrestle it out with my guys and I"ll send my daughter over to play Polly Pockets.

Love the new look to your blog. Very cute!

Laura F said...

How cute are your kids???? Oddly enough, I found your blog from Kim Benne's, and spent WAY too much time reading every post to the bottom of the page. I can't believe how long Alisha's hair is again already! And seriously, I don't think I EVER met Stacy, and she is completely adorable. I'm sorry to hear about your friend's husband, and hope I don't know which friend it is! And I loved your "tents" for conference - what a great idea! You are such an amazing mom!

Laura Finlinson