Thursday, October 9, 2008

Reverence Tent

Jason gave a talk the Sunday before Conference about the important of watching Conference and how we can get our children involved. I was reading in the Friend about a family that was reading in their scriptures about King Benjamin and how the people pitched tents and listened to the words of King Benjamin. So, they decided for Conference they would build a "Reverence Tent." I talked to my kids about it and they were so excited to make our own tent. We put chairs up and put a big blanket draped over the chairs. (Whatever we could throw together minutes before the 1st Sunday Session started.) The kids shouted with glee. They were so excited and could not wait to fill out the Primary worksheets they received in which they were to color in the different ties of the General Authorities. We had high hopes for this "Reverence Tent", thinking our kids would be as wonderful and attentive as the children in the article. No such luck, almost immediately, Emily yells out "Tyler's feet are touching me, EWWW, get him away from me!" Then she yells out "Stacy's BUTT is in my face and she STINKS!" Needless to say, Emily spent some time in her room after her little episode and it was not at all like the story in the Friend. Also, the kids were sad that quite a few of the General Authorities had similar ties- (most popular tie-red with little dots - you can see Lindsay's worksheet at the beginning of Conference in the picture). It is quite the challenge to have 5 little kids sit still for 4 sessions of Conference. Next time we may have to build a tent with more rooms and doors so we avoid any further conflicts. Or, actually dress them in church clothes and watch it on satilite at the church. If anyone has ideas to share, please feel free!!

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Jessica Simonsen Howard said...

We do conference Bingo and it works pretty well. You can also do conference packets that you can print out that has tons fo stuff for older kids 5+. I will let you know next conference.