Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Breakfast for Dinner

My favorite meal is one that everyone will eat! Unfortunately in my house the only meals like that are those that were intended for breakfast. So, sometimes when I want to avoid the usual "I don't like that!" "That is gross!" "I would never eat that!" comments, I make waffles. Oddly enough, the usual negative comments cease and all I hear are praises and thank yous! Can you blame me?? Everyone needs to feel appreciated once in awhile! I love having Breakfast for Dinner!!


Jessica Simonsen Howard said...

Amen! It is so nice when they will just eat, no comments! Way to go! I need to do that more often because I totally agree with you there.

Bright Eyes said...

ROFL! Yes, breakfast for dinner is always a winner! Our favorites (oaky mine) is pancakes because Lindsey and Dejah will do that alone! We love Belguim waffles with strawberries with a sour cream topping (sour cream with a tad of vanilla and sugar).

I love breakfast! MMMMMM!

The Wrights said...

I must admit that we probably had breakfast for dinner once a week--yes, the kids will actually eat it!