Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Zoo- Spring Break

This week we went to the Zoo. For all of you following my Blog, you know that Tyler got lost a year ago at the St. Louis Zoo during Spring Break. I have not taken the kids back to the Zoo since then. It was a very traumatic experience for me. Just the thought of that day gives me anxiety. Anyway, I went for it! I braved the Zoo, again with Natalie and her kids. This time, though, we went with Amber Pikey, her baby Van and Patty (Her Mother-in-law). I liked the idea of having 4 adults. The weather was beautiful and the kids had a great time. I am glad we went!

Baby Van Pikey

This is how Stacy viewed much of the Zoo, strapped safe and sound in her stroller, thanks to an over cautious mom!

This Camel was so gross!

Tyler rode on Zach's wheelchair. He loved it at first and after awhile jumped off. I said, "Tyler, why did you get off?" He replied, "Zach was making me car sick." It was so cute!!

I have heard the term "Kissing Butt" but I didn't realize Elephants took it so literally!


Jennifer said...

I took my kiddos to the zoo for Spring Break too. Wish we were in the same place so we could go together.

Amy R said...

Bad elephants!

Glad you didn't lose anyone this time! I've had some moments like that with my little wanderer (luckily short-lived) and wouldn't wish it on anyone!