Saturday, May 30, 2009

Emily's Graduation

All three of my girls have had Mrs. Meek for their Kindergarten year. They love her! Alisha would not give up her 3rd grade party to see her sister Graduate, so she is not in the picture. I wanted a picture of all three of them with her, but oh well! The Graduation was really cute. The kids sang three songs ending with "The future's so bright, I've gotta wear shades" It was really cute and Emily was really soaking up all the attention. She loves to perform. She definately isn't afraid to show her fun personality on the stage. I loved watching her enjoy herself up there. She's a natural! We are so proud of her making it through the EASIEST year of her schooling career. Not sure why they make a big production out of it, but it was cute!

My little graduate with the Principle Mr. B

Emily's Class

Alisha graced us with her presence for one photo opp.

Grandpa trying to help Emily keep that darn hat on her head after she took the pins out. We just wanted it on for some of the pictures! You'd think after the MANY years of people graduating, they would have come up with a better design! What is the point of a large square on your head anyway??

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