Sunday, May 24, 2009

I don't know about most moms, but for me, I don't like the gogurt pouches. For some reason, the kids have a hard time getting all the yogurt in their mouths. Sometimes some will end up on the floor, on the table, chairs, or even dripping down the side of the trash can. Occasionally, it even ends up on the kids themselves, usually in the form of a fluorescent green or pink mustache. Alisha, my cleanest child, had a run in with one of these gogurts and it ended up attacking the girl. It went everywhere! It went all over her and the floor and I'm not sure she got to actually taste any of it. It was hilarious. Alisha was a mess which is sooo not how she likes to be. I had to take pictures before I cleaned her off. Unfortunately, 10 min. later the same thing happened to Lindsay. I think I will ban my husband from buying those darn things.

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wilddingo said...

try freezing them. My kids love to eat them frozen and they are less messy that way.