Sunday, May 24, 2009

Jason's B-day

Jason is 34! Which means in a couple of months I will be turning 36. Not a pleasent thought! We go out to dinner with his family for every birthday. So, we went to Outback. I had Ribs and Jason had a big tender filet. It was sooo good. I just started getting Ribs there since I tasted his mom's ribs the last time we went there. YUMMY! Finger Licken' Good. We ate and then we all went to a movie. We went to Star Treck. I'm not a "Trekkie" but I thought the movie was good. It was Jason's night, so we went to a movie he wanted to see. If it was my b-day, we would have watched a sappy love story! We had a great time and were thankful that Laura could babysit for us. Love the kids, but it's always nice to get a night away!!

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