Sunday, May 24, 2009

Mother's Day

My mom is serving a mission in Germany. This year I decided to make her a gift and send her a picture of it. She can have it when she returns home from the mission. I have an amazing mom. She is a woman of faith, a woman of courage, a woman of virtue, a woman of compassion, a woman of strenth. She has always been an amazing example to me while growing up and also since I have married and had my own family. I draw strength from her. She brightens my day anytime she calls and I hear her special, "Hello" that only she can deliver. I think there is sunshine that comes through her greeting, it instantly makes you feel better. My kids even notice it. When she leaves a message on our machine and they hear her say "Hello," it's as if they were all shot with a happy drug and a smile instantly appears on their faces. She has a gift, a special gift that only she possesses. I wish I had it. People are drawn to her, she radiates the spirit and lifts those around her. She can mend someone's broken heart, lift someone's burden, help a fallen soul, just by talking with them and letting them know what their Savior feels for them. She is and has always been a Christlike person. She has a gift that allows people to feel their Savior's love for them while being in her presence. I love my mom and am grateful for her example for me. I wish I could be even half the woman she is. Unfortunately, it is an uphill battle for me. I feel very blessed to have been raised and loved by a very special woman. I LOVE YOU MOM!


Jennifer said...

Seriously - you find the CUTEST outfits. You play the role of mother BEAUTIFULLY!!!!

Bright Eyes said...

Cher, what a beautiful tribute to your mom! I am sure she feels you measure up better than she does. Mom's always think their children are better than they ever were. I know I think that of my own (of course they aren't teens yet ;) ).

You are awesome!