Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The School Halloween Parties

The school does a parade around the outside of the school and some of the local shops. It is fun to see the different costumes. There were some real creative ones this year. Some parents put a lot of time into the costumes this year. Every one loved the Rubik's Cube. I thought the Redbox and Snack Machine were neat. That is real candy in there! The girls had fun at their parties. Emily just about drove me insane with her wig. She was Hannah Montana (although her personality is closer to Sharpay Evans from HS Musical.) The wig itched her so much that she could not give me one smile and half of the pictures I took have her itching her head. I think she is going to have to pick something else to be for Halloween!! By the time she went through the parade, her wig was falling off. She pulled that thing off and shoved it in her bag when she got back to the classroom. My in-laws watched the kids for me so that I could go. I am so glad I got to go and travel back and forth between the classrooms by myself. Emily was Hannah Montana, Lindsay was a 50's girl (she called it an 80's girl) and Alisha was Little Red Riding Hood (except I forgot her basket, oops!)

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