Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Silverleaf Timber Creek Resort

The View at Silverleaf Timber Creek Resort


My brother David and his wife and kids came to a resort in Missouri a little over an hour from here. They stayed at the Silverleaf Timber Creek Resort. We headed down there on Monday. The whole hour down there, three of my children kept asking "Are we there yet?" An HOUR, seriously, where is the patience? They even watched a movie on the way down. When I was little I had to drive in a station wagon without rear AC and no entertainment center and we traveled for days. This little experience gave us another glimpse of what the long trip out to Utah next summer will be like. I love being in Utah, I just don't like how long and crazy the car ride is out there and back. Anyway, we had so much fun with the Farley's. We went miniture golfing, golfing, paddle boating, and played volleyball on the beach volleyball court. The sand was white like you would see on a tropical beach. It was fun, but a little chilly. The kids were making sand angels and Tyler was making a sand castle (it actually looked like a mountain.) We had a great time. The kids love their cousins. We are glad they are here and that we were able to spend time with them. I took lots of pictures, of course!

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