Tuesday, October 6, 2009

So, today we were out and Tyler said he wanted to go to "the chicken place with the fun play area and the chicken in a box." That would be Chick-Fil-A. I normally wouldn't go just because he asked, but today I did. We ordered and as we were sitting there eating Tyler said, "I love this place, it's my new favorite place to eat." After we ate, the kids played in the play area. When we were leaving, we saw a plane coming in to land at the local airport in Chesterfield. It is a small little airport that only small planes fly into. Tyler LOVES planes. We drove around to get closer to the runway. We drove right up to the gate where the planes come to turn around and then take off. It was so fun. We drove a little closer to the airport and we came across "Boeing Park." There is a jet right there that you can walk up to and touch. Stacy and Tyler loved being so close to the plane. What a fun day, and it wasn't even planned!!

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The Wrights said...

What a sweet mom doing spur on the moment things like that! (: