Wednesday, July 15, 2009

4th of JULY

We had a very interesting 4th this year. I made sugar cookies and chocolate chip cookies for two get togethers that night. Jason went golfing with his dad during the afternoon and then we went to his parent's house for dinner. We had filet mignon and it was mouth watering good ( if you're a meat lover and I AM!) While we were sitting there enjoying our mouth watering filets, the hugest raindrops came pouring out of the sky and pelting everything below. Luckily we were inside, but it did make us question whether or not we would attend our friends' pool party that night. Not to mention the lighting and thunder (not a great thing to have while swimming in a pool.) So, we let the rain pass and then we rushed out to the car and headed to the Clarke's house. They just got a pool in their backyard this summer. It was a lot of fun being there. Their pool is awesome. Jason had kids hanging on him and playing with him the whole time. He is a big kid, so it doesn't surprise me that he is a magnet for little kids. The weather was beautiful at that point until we got out of the pool and started watching the fireworks. I have never, in the 8 years we've lived here, experienced a forth like this! It started pouring again, so we went under cover and watched the fireworks explode in front of us. While the fireworks are going off around us, the lightning lit up the sky and the thunder rumbled through the air. It was incredible. I didn't even know you could light fireworks in the rain. Emily was freaking out. Fireworks aren't her favorite, but topping that with lightning and thunder- she just about lost it!!! She was in the Clarke's house screaming while we were outside watching the show. After a while, we decided to take her home. On the way back to the house, Jason's mom told us to come check out the fireworks at the Falls Golf Course (where they live). Although Emily was being freaky, we decided to go ahead and go to that firework show. It was great! I got totally drenched, but it was fun. The weather was crazy, but it was still a fun 4th!

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Bright Eyes (Shelley) said...

Sounds like fun! We had rain on the 4th too. Strange weather! Rain and Independence Day don't mix usually. Glad you had a good time anyway.