Friday, July 24, 2009

The Sunset

Our house sits on a bit of a ridge that it is considered the highest point in the Subdivision. The back of our house faces the west. One of the downers of the back of your house facing west, is the hot summer days (the sun sets in the west- remember). The Summer sun beats down and stretches it's warmth so lovingly into the interior of my house. Not always an invited guest, especially when I'm cooking over the stove. But, having the sun set in the back of my house also means we get to enjoy some beautiful sunsets. I have discovered that I rarely take the time to look up and take in the beauty around me. I think the sky is beautiful. The cloud formations, the variation in color of the clouds and the vibrant colors in the sunset each night. We were outside the other day and I looked up and saw the sun disappearing into a cloud. It was BEAUTIFUL! I ran and got my camera. Unfortunately, I am an amateur photographer so the images arn't probably as beautiful as I witnessed, but I love them anyway. We really do live in an amazing world. Not one detail was left undone when God created it!


Joy said...

I am glad to find you and read what you have been up to. Stacy came over and said you were a blogger. I will be checking on you. ps you look the exact same just kids hanging on you.

Amy R said...

You're a professional photographer as far as I'm concerned. Lovely photos.