Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Going Stainless

After a MONTH of trying to fix our old fridge, we got a new one. We had a repair man come out 3 times to "fix" our fridge and before we poured any more money into the old one, we decided to get a new one. We went stainless this time. I was really nervous about the fingerprints and anyone scratching it or denting it, but it actually hasn't been too bad. I love it! We got an incredible deal on it too. It is cool, when we open the doors, the LCD lights come on and it looks like heavenly light shining on the food. When we first got it, we used to sing as the Angels (although we don't actually sound like a chorus of angels!!) as soon as we opened the doors and saw the light. It was funny (I guess you'd have to be there!) Anyway, we are glad that we have a working fridge again!!

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