Friday, July 3, 2009

St. Louis Cardinals Game

Every year Jason sings at the Cardinals game with a group from Boeing. They call themselves The Boeing Balladeers. They sing throughout the year at different events and places, but Jason only sings at the ball game because he thinks it is cool to be there on the field singing the National Athem. I would prefer to hear him sing a solo, but I'll take what I can get! I have never gone with him (he's done it for 5 years), so this year he wanted me to go and watch. They get free tickets to go, so that's cool. It's hard to turn down free tickets! We decided to take Tyler with us. We thought he would LOVE it! I was a little concerned that he might whine about being hot, hungry or tired 10 minutes after sitting in our seats (but I tried to be optimistic and tried to give him the benefit of the doubt. He's a boy, he's got to like it, RIGHT?? ) We got to ride the St. Louis Metrolink. Tyler thought it was cool. Jason bought him a ball cap when we got to the Stadium and he looked so darn cute in it! He did an excellent job walking throughout the HUGE stadium and was patient as I searched for our seats (Jason was on the field). Finally, after sitting in the wrong seats and getting kicked out of them, we found our wonderful seats in the nose-bleed section. "Tyler, see daddy, he's the ant in the red shirt!" (Ok, it wasn't that bad- but it was pretty far up.) At least I had the video camera and could zoom in on Jason and his group. They did awesome! Tyler was anxious wondering when in the world the players were gonna start hitting the ball. Then, when they started the game, Tyler didn't seem the least bit interested. It was hard for him to focus being up so high and all. And of course not even 10 minutes after the game started, Tyler said, "I'm hungry and tired, I want to go home" (Did I not think that's how it would play out? A mother always knows!) Of course Fred Bird (the Cardinals Mascot), Albert Pujols, the other players, all the chanting and fun music, the Jumbotron, and the beautiful St. Louis Arch you could see from our seats meant nothing to the boy. He just wanted to go home. I think he was just board. Jason and I were starving, so I got us some food. The Hardee's Burgers were HUGE. I got Tyler Dip 'n Dots. He loved them, it was probably the highlight of his night. During the 6th inning, we, and five other members of the singing group, got a tour of the FOX sports network broadcast room. That was COOL. We got to sit there and look out and actually see the baseball diamond out in front of us and the commentators were doing their commentating right in front of us. A guy showed Tyler how to adjust the camera angle and stuff. They were really nice to us and we got FREE bottled water while we were in there. The vendors at the Stadium charge $5.00 for bottled water. It's highway robbery! The bottle is just like any other bottled water, nothing special about it other than the fact that it is within the walls of the St. Louis Cardinal's Stadium. $5.00 are you kidding me? Anyway, after we spent some time in the Broadcast room, we decided to head out. Tyler was hungry and tired of walking, so we left during the 7 inning. We had to get back to all our other kids who were at three different houses. We rode the Metrolink back to our car. While we were on the Metro, We heard Tyler say, "Bratwurst." Jason and I looked at each other wondering if he said what we thought he said and then he said it again. We just started laughing! (Apparently he heard that word on Phineas and Ferb.) How random!! Tyler is the king of random thoughts. He is a parrot. He repeats what he hears and sometimes it will be days or weeks later. (He has an incredible memory, that should come in very handy when he starts going to school.) Curious to see what Tyler's take on the evening was, while we were in the car I said, "Tyler, did you have fun?" He looked at me and said, "It was AWESOME!" So, at least he had a fun time with mommy and daddy and he has fond memories of the evening, that's what we were hoping for! As for me, I loved being with my boys!!!

Jason and Tyler on the Metrolink.

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