Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Our Garden

My mom grew up on a dairy farm. They had fresh produce and fresh milk every day. I loved going to the farm almost every year. I have fond memories of my time on the farm. I grew up in Austin, TX. I was a city girl. When I went to the farm, I would kick back and just enjoy farm life. We would run through the corn stalks, sleep in the haystacks, milk the cows with our cousins, play in the reservoir, and feed the baby calves. I loved it there. The smell was always something I had to get used to, but I loved being on Grandpa's Farm. My Grandma had a pretty good sized garden and she would have us pick some of her fruits and vegetables for her. I remember the summer my brother Greg asked if he could grow a garden in our backyard. Of course my parents agreed, so from that time on, we had our own garden. My brother and my mom cultivated and pruned the garden. I liked watching things grow. While we have lived here, in Missouri, I have wanted to grow a garden. Finally, after the convincing of a persistant sister-in-law, Cammy, we have our very first Garden. It has been fun planting things and watching them grow. The kids love to pick the tomatoes. (The picture posted is of the VERY FIRST TOMATO from our tomato plants.) It is one of their chores that they actually enjoy doing. We don't have a very big garden, we started small and hope to expand next year. It takes work to have a successful garden and I'm not sure I'm really good at it, but I do love reaping the rewards! Thank goodness for my 5 little helpers who help water garden and pick the vegetables. Having my little garden has helped me appreciate the farm that my Grandpa had and for the gardens we had in Texas and Utah. I admire their hard work and willingness to cultivate the land and tend to their crops. I had this salad this week. I used the tomatoes we grew and a cucumber from my mother-in-laws garden. It was delicious! Well worth the work that takes to grow it! I also make my Zucchini dish at least once a week with the zucchini's, tomatoes, and basil from the garden. Yummy!

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