Monday, June 1, 2009

After school on Friday, the LAST day of school, we went TO THE POOL! The kids were sooo excited to finally go to the pool. We were there for a couple of hours. Luckily some mom's, who were better prepared, brought some pool toys. My kids enjoyed playing with any toy that was around. We did bring Barbies. Tyler liked throwing them and then rescuing them. I called him Lifeguard Ty. Stacy liked filling the red bucket and dumping it out, over and over again. Emily liked modeling for me even though I never asked her to. She LOVES having her picture taken. Lindsay and Alisha swam in the big pool the whole time. They had so much fun and we are looking forward to spending many days at the pool this summer. We are all so glad school it out!!

She did have a suit on, I promise!!! She just found it to be too constricting and after many attempts at taking it off and having me quickly put it back on, she finally succeeded and took it off. You gotta choose your battles. I was tired of fighting this one.

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