Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Saint Louis Zoo

We went to the Saint Louis Zoo for playgroup last Thursday. It was a beautiful day, a perfect day for the Zoo. For all those who follow my blog, you know that over a year ago I lost my one and only son. It was a terrifying experience. Something I would never want to relive or wish upon anyone else. To venture to the zoo now, causes me a little anxiety. Jason said he would come with us this time, so we went. What a treat! It has been a long time since he has come with us. We showed him the land marker where Alisha and Brianna found Tyler the time he got lost. We had a great time. All the kids were really good and had fun together. I love watching my kids have fun with their friends. After reviewing these pictures, I think Lindsay may have a crush on a certain young boy. How funny! She just started thinking boys are kind of cute! Alisha still thinks they are gross and I'm fine with that. Boys stare at her and it annoys her. Girls are so funny. Anyway, we all left the zoo with the same amount of children we came with, so that's good! The Saint Louis Zoo is free, it is beautiful, and there are tons of animals. What more could you ask for?

The Lion was up in a tree. I have never seen that! I hope she wasn't stuck cause that's what it looked like.

Could we all look the same direction PLEASE! Where's Lindsay? Seriously, why does it have to be sooo hard to get a family picture??

"Twinners"- so that if I lost Tyler and they asked me what he was wearing, I could point to Jason and say, "He looks like him!"

Does Lindsay have a CRUSH?? How cute! Notice in both pictures they are doing the same thing.

This is the closest we have ever gotten to the Giraffes. The kids loved watching him eat right in front of them.

Wow, that can't feel good to bend that way!

The Penguin exhibit was closed when we finally made it over there. The kids were bummed. We look pictures outside the exhibit and hopefully they will have fond memories as they look back at the pictures and forget that they didn't get to go in. It's not like they haven't been every other time we have gone to the zoo. They were so tired after all the walking around we had to carry Tyler and Stacy part of the way back to the van. It was fun, I'm glad we went!

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Amy R said...

Wow, good pictures. I really should have had you take some of us.