Monday, June 8, 2009

Garage Sales!!!

There is nothing more gratifying than finding something really cool at a garage sale for a fraction of the price. You often leave with your purchase and wonder why anyone would pay full price for anything when you can get such a steal at a garage sale. Granted, you do have to search through a lot of junk to find the treasure. But many times it is worth the time searching. Some men have to deal with their wives going out garage sale hunting every Sat. Not mine, HE is actually the one who finds a way to slip in a couple garage sales almost every Sat. He goes to get his car washed, comes back with toys... goes to get milk, comes back with toys...goes golfing with his dad, comes back with toys... I can't take it any more, WE HAVE TOO MANY TOYS!!! It is a bit much, although I do like a good deal. I think the boy is addicted to garage sales!!! I thought these were pretty good finds though! He also got Stacy a huge doll house. It definately beats full price!

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Amy R said...

Haha, that's hilarious. Jason may need help, but I'm very impressed with his finds.