Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Subdivision BBQ

This Sat. we went to the clubhouse for the Annual BBQ and Pool Party for the Subdivision. The kids love going. they have a huge bounce house, Spunky Beans- the balloon lady, lots of food and tons of give-aways. When you have 7 people in your family, the likelihood that you will take home a prize is very likely. We didn't realize we would win 4 door prizes. The kids were so excited! They are all got fun stuff to play with. But, the thing they loved the most was Spunky Beans. She is amazing! She can make anything you want Alien, baby rattle, fish on a fishing pole, princess wand, hat with a baseball coming off the front and a bat, a sword, a flower bracelet, a butterfly, the list just keeps going on... Anyway, the kids love watching her make these balloon creations. This year, the older girls wanted palm trees. She can even do that! Tyler actually went fishing with the Blakemore's and we had their daughter Brianna. Since he was not there, Alisha got him a fish on a fishing pole. It was perfect because he didn't catch a fish that day and was sad about it. He was so excited to see the balloon. The girls set up a chair and made him cast his line and pull the fish out of the "water." It was so cute. We will have to take Tyler fishing again and hopefully he will catch a real fish.

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